Britannia 2024 - 1/4 Oz - Silver Investment Coin


Britannia 2024 - 1/4 Oz - Silver Investment Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999/1000

Weight: 7,77g (1/4 Oz)

Diameter: 22mm

Mint: Royal Mint

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Denomination: 0,5 GBP

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DPH - zdanění marže
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The Royal Mint is expanding its range of investment options with a new 1/4 oz silver coin format from the renowned Britannia series. Britannia has long represented toughness and strength, and this continues in 2021 when this popular coin is released. The legendary figure of the beautiful Britannia has symbolised the strength and integrity of Britain on coins since Roman times and is depicted on the reverse. She boldly holds a trident in her right hand, while a shield rests in her left hand and a gust of wind ruffles her dress. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is classically depicted on the obverse along with the monetary markings.


Spot price 23.07.2024 04:03:04: Gold 2204,74 EUR/Oz; Silver 26,80 EUR/Oz; CZK/EUR 25.26