Maltese Cross (2024) - 1 Oz - silver investment coin


Maltese Cross (2024) - 1 Oz - silver investment coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999,9/1000

Weight: 31,1g (1 Oz)

Diameter: 38,5 mm

Mint: Pressburg Mint (SR)

Country of origin: Malta

Denomination: 5 EUR

799.00 CZK
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This unmistakable symbol of Malta, a place with an ancient history, has become an iconic part of Maltese heritage and culture over hundreds of years. It is most often associated with the Knights of Malta, but today it is used in all sorts of places, from coins to the logos of various organisations and institutions at international level. It is said that the points on the cross mark the eight aspirations and duties of the Knights: 'to live in truth, to have faith, to repent of their sins, to give evidence of humility, to love justice, to be merciful, to be sincere and true-hearted, and to endure persecution'. The Maltese Cross is still the symbol of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and of organisations dedicated to medical and humanitarian aid and protection.

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