Black Sam - 1 Oz - Silver Investment Coin


Black Sam - 1 Oz - Silver Investment Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 9999/1000

Weight: 31,1g (1 Oz)

Diameter: 38 mm

Mint: Pressburgmint

Country of Origin: Niue

Denomination: 2 NZD

Supplied: in capsule

962.00 CZK
DPH - zdanění marže
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Venture into the marauding world of Black Sam, the legendary pirate whose famous legacy is forever linked to the iconic Skull and Bones flag. Black Sam, also known as Samuel Bellamy, terrorised the high seas during the golden age of piracy in the early 18th century. His infamous flag featured a stark and chilling design - a skull over crossed bones, a universally recognised symbol of impending danger.

Black Sam's ruthless exploits and daring raids earned him the nickname "Prince of Pirates" and his legend grew with each successive conquest. This coin pays tribute to the fearsome aura of Black Sam and his iconic flag. Its design captures the essence of piracy, making it indispensable for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Embrace the spirit of adventure and secure your piece of pirate history with this limited edition coin featuring the timeless Skull and Bones flag.


Spot price 23.07.2024 04:03:04: Gold 2204,74 EUR/Oz; Silver 26,80 EUR/Oz; CZK/EUR 25.26