African Elephant 2024 - 1 Oz - Silver Investment Coin


African Elephant 2024 - 1 Oz - Silver Investment Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999,9/1000

Weight: 31,1 g (1 Oz)

Diameter: 39 mm

Country of origin: Somalia

Denomination: 100 SOS

Supplied: tube of 20 pieces, masterbox of 500 pieces

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The Somali Elephant from Africa was produced in an exclusive edition of the African Wildlife series. This edition of the 2024 elephant is not only popular, but now indescribable with its silver composition. The African Wildlife series from Somalia comes in a unique precious silver coin with an elephant motif that changes every year and is highly sought after by investors around the world. Awaken your affection for African culture and its diversity.

✔ Motif side of the silver coin
The motif side of this silver coin features the profile of an African elephant. Its long trunk and equally long tusks stand out perfectly. As can be seen in the coin's design, elephants use their trunks, among other things, as gripping organs. Elephants need their trunks to feed. The African savannah can be seen in the background. The design side of the coin states that the denomination is 1 ounce and that the coin has a purity of 999%.

✔ National Emblem of the Republic of Somalia
The value side of the coin features the emblem of the Republic of Somalia. To the right and left of the coat of arms is a leopard. The coat of arms was introduced on 10 October 1956. The year of mintage (2024) and the face value (100 shillings) are also on the value side of the coin.

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