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Rūaumoko: Guardian of the Volcanoes -1 Oz Silver Collector Coin


Rūaumoko: Guardian of Volcanoes-1 Oz-Silver Collector Coin

Fineness: 999/1000

Material: silver

Weight: 31.1 g (1 Oz)

Diameter: 40 mm

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Quantity: 600 pieces

Denomination: 1 NZD

Supplied: in case

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Ranginui (heavenly father) and Papatūānuku (earthly mother), the original parents, held each other in a tight embrace and begot many sons. Tāne - the god of the forest - separated his parents and created the world of light. Rangi and Papa were heartbroken when they separated. The elder brothers were furious with the endless rain and sadness and decided to turn their mother away from her love. Rūaumoko was at his mother's breast, so he was taken underground. Rūaumoko continues to move underground, creating earthquakes and volcanoes.

This 0.999 silver coin features a detailed illustration of Rūaumoko under a volcano. David Hakarai's stunning artwork is highlighted by fine gilding. The obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The story of Rūaumoko - Guardian of the Volcanoes is one of many Maori stories passed down through the generations.


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