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Aztec Treasure - 2 Oz - Silver Collector Coin


Aztec Treasure - 2 Oz - Silver Collector Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999/1000

Weight: 62,2g (2 Oz)

Diameter: 50 mm

Edition: 500 pieces

Mint: Lithuania Mint

Country of Origin: Niue

Denomination: 5 Niue Dollars

Supplied: in box with case and certificate

Antique finish

Coin contains Swarovski crystal

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Legends of lost treasures inspired the Lithuanian Mint to create the "Missing Treasures" series of coins. The series consists of coins marking unique legends, myths and stories shrouded in mystery. The first of these, "Aztec Treasure", tells the story of the gold of a vanished civilisation captured by pirates and stored in an ancient Aztec temple.

The reverse side of the coin depicts a pirate - a cunning kidnapper and treasure hunter. He collects the Aztec treasure he has captured: a wealth of gold objects, coins and other jewels. The Aztec calendar motifs circle around the coin, each with a different name, symbol, patron deity and even a prophecy.

On the obverse of the coin is the public seal of Niue. At the bottom of the seal are two crossed katoua splitting sticks, the symbol of Niue, and above them is the Niue motto "atua Niue tukulagi".


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