Childhood Joy - 22g - Silver Collector Coin


Childhood Joy - 22g - Silver Collector Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999/1000

Weight: 22 g

Diameter: 35 mm

Mintage: 4.000 pcs

Country of origin: Lithuania

Denomination: 5 EUR

Supplied in capsule with case and certificate

2,140.00 CZK
DPH - zdanění marže
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Vilis Plūdons

Dwarves and the Wild Boar

New snow is lying on all the trees in the forest.
And the sounds are soft, as if the snow has been blown away.
Well, the dwarves will have something to do.
Rau, rau, where are they rising from the hills!

Olektgari males,
Spridi long ears,
White tache micites,
Brown moss panties.
Two in flocks enter,
New legs in the air.
Snow-whale launders,
Sounds like a whale rising.
Hissing balls are firm,
Fluttering curls of hair.
Claps and cries:
Taking as much as they can.
How the cheek blooms with a twinkle!
What joy! What joy!
Hallo! Heida!
Bravo! Hooray!

"Is this too much!
Is this the way you're hanging pillows for me?
And winding up the boards?
And chasing the faggots out of the house?...
You care so much for pranks and foolishness, -
Go to the Bear Swamp now to read the bear-moss!"

Hearing this, the picket runs and stumbles,
Wherever he finds himself:
Another in the undergrowth,
Another in the hollow of a tree,
Another in the autumn apparatus of the russets.

And, his big green eyes aching
And promising tsetse cabbage to them all,
Lien the Woodman again in the thick of the forest.

And empty and silent is the wilderness again.
So, disturbed by the fury of the madman,
Through the fields the hare is scampering.


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