Rubik's Cube, 50th Anniversary - 2 Oz - Silver Collector Coin (delivery 8.8.2024)


Rubik's Cube, 50th Anniversary - 2 Oz - Silver Collector Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999,9/1000

Weight: 62,2g (2 Oz)

Diameter: 45,6 mm

Mintage: 3.000 pieces

Mint: Perth Mint

Country of Origin: Tuvalu

Denomination: 2 TVD

Supplied: in capsule with case and certificate

4,990.00 CZK
DPH - zdanění marže
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The Rubik's Cube® is a globally recognized toy that is fun for the whole family. Each face of the Rubik's Cube consists of nine colored squares. At the beginning of the puzzle, the squares are arranged so that each wall is the same color - yellow, white, blue, green, orange or red. An internal rotation mechanism, which allows each wall to be rotated independently, is used to encode the 54 coloured squares, which must then be returned to their original configuration to complete the puzzle.

It inspired a worldwide craze, with puzzlers wanting to try out the puzzles on everyone who took them most seriously, studying techniques and strategies that helped them solve the Rubik's Cube as quickly as possible. In July 2023, the world record for solving 3x3 cubes was set at a remarkable 3.13 seconds.

The Perth Mint is pleased to present this unique Rubik's Cube™ collectible coin. The coin features a rotating 24k gold-plated representative model of the Rubik's Cube in the centre of the coin. The coin is minted by The Perth Mint from 2 ounces of 99.99% pure silver and is issued as legal tender by mandate of the Government of Tuvalu.


Spot price 23.07.2024 03:03:04: Gold 2203,61 EUR/Oz; Silver 26,76 EUR/Oz; CZK/EUR 25.25