Mechanical Ladybug Black Proof - 3 Oz - Silver Collector Coin


Mechanical Ladybug Black Proof - 3 Oz - Silver Collector Coin


Weight: 93,3g (3 Oz)

Fineness: 999/1000

Mintage: 999

Supplied in capsule with case and certificate

10,495.00 CZK
DPH - zdanění marže

10,495.00 CZK

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The second coin of the Clockwork Evolution series is

Mechanical Ladybug .

The series has won awards.

This remarkable 3 Oz silver coin, entitled Mechanical Ladybug, depicts a representative
of the insect kingdom in organic and mechanical form.
The coin depicts a detailed ladybug with a 3D effect thanks to the innovative Multi-Layer
technology. The ladybird's outstretched, bright red
with seven authentically natural dots contrast with the head,
legs and body of
the ladybird, composed of many cogs, pistons and other mechanical
The ladybug rests on a colorful flower, which is also depicted as part natural
and part mechanical machine with gears, metal plates, and rivets. One
of the gears illustrating the flower is stamped with the year of issue "2021".

The back of the coin shows a mechanical clockwork movement with many elaborate details,
the wheels, springs and screws being worked in high relief using the Ultra-High Relief method.
It also depicts the coat of arms of Mongolia as the issuing country, including the inscription "MONGOLIA", the coin's face
value of "2000 TOGROG" and information on the weight and purity of the coin "3 oz.999 SILVER".

Smartminting© Ultra High Relief and Multilayer technology make the coin multi-layered and very unique.
The special feature is the strong contrast between real and mechanical, colored and silver engraving.

The coin is numbered on the edge!

Extremely limited mintage of only 999 pieces for the whole world!!!

The coins are numbered and come in a unique presentation box including a numbered certificate of authenticity.


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