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Bengal Tiger - 5 Oz - Silver Collector Coin


Bengal Tiger - 5 Oz - Silver Collector Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999/1000

Weight: 155,5 g (5 Oz)

Diameter: 65 mm

Mintage: 499 pieces

Country of Origin: Palau

Denomination: 20 USD

Supplied: in a themed box with certificate

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This spectacular withthree silver coins is the first release in the new "Beloved Building Blocks" series and features the Bengal Tiger, one of the largest tigers on Earth. The coin comes in a retractable case, nmintage of only 499 pieces. The reverse of the coin features a close-up view of the face of the amazing Bengal tiger. The animal's face is made up of Lego bricks, resulting in over 15 levels stamped in Smartminting Ultra High Relief. The coin has a vibrant coloring that creates amazing lighting effects with silver. The background is covered with studs reminiscent of those found on a Lego base plate. On the reverse is the inscription "BENGAL TIGER" - the name of the coin; at the bottom, the inscription: '2022' - the year of issue. On the obverse side of the coin are many floating building blocks and in the center is the coat of arms of Palau with the inscriptions, "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" - country of issue and "$20" - face value. "LOVED BLOCKS" - the name of the new magnificent series.

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