Terra 1 Oz Standard (2022) - Silver Investment Coin


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Terra 1 Oz Standard (2022) - Silver Investment Coin

Weight: 1 Oz
Material: Ag 999,9/1000
Mint: Pressburg Mint
Denomination: 5 NZD

Design: Standard

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The earth - Latin for "Terra" - is our only home. It provides all the resources necessary for life, but our actions have left their mark on it.

CO2 levels are now the highest in 4 million years, global temperatures are reaching new highs, glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising.

This coin focuses on the importance of protecting the environment and highlights the need to work together to tackle climate change, no matter which side of the planet we live on.


'ELIZABETH II - TOKELAU', 'TERRA 2022', '5 DOLLARS', map of Asia, Australia and Oceania, likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, compass rose


"1oz FINE SILVER", TERRA 2022, "SERVE ME, SERVABO TE." (lat. "Protect me, I protect you"), map of Europe, America and Africa, compass rose

Pressburg Mint - Bratislava Mint is a private Slovak company, which after more than 300 years renews the tradition of coinage in Bratislava.

In 1430 King Sigismund of Hungary granted the city of Bratislava a coinage privilege and the Bratislava Mint was established. For the next three centuries the mint struck silver coins, which were used as currency. Thanks to this mint, Bratislava became an important financial centre of the region.

The Pressburg Mint - Bratislava Mint continues this historical tradition in a modern way. Using the latest technologies in the industry in conjunction with innovative design, it mints investment and commemorative coins and medals that not only hold value, an attractive investment opportunity, but also a work of art with collector value.