Noah's Ark - 1 Oz (2022) - silver investment coin


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Noah's Ark - 1 Oz (2022) - silver investment coin

Material: AG

Fineness: 999/1000

Weight: 31.1 g (1 Oz)

Denomination: 500 AMD

Diameter: 38.6 mm

Country of origin: Armenia

Mint: German MintcLEV Mint (Leipziger Edelmetall Verarbeitung)

Bulk packing: 20 pcs in one tube 500 pcs masterbox (wood)

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659 Kč

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Noah's Ark has become one of the symbols of the biblical stories. To this day, this legend, shrouded in myth, is hotly debated. Noah was supposed to have saved the liveslife on Earth from the flood. In his ark, which is usually seen asof three...he placed a male and a female of each species. Similarly, he transported all the plants. The seven human ensure our existence. Noah finally landed his ark at Mount Ararat.

Theobverse side of the coin depicts the national emblem of Armenia. As the shield-bearers inThe eagle and the lion descend, animals, whichá have a long history in Armenia tradition in Armenia. They symbolize spirit, strength and power. Furthermore, this partythe coin is adorned with both the English and Armenian names for the Republic of Armenia. The face value is also depicted.

The reverse side of the coin depicts the iconic landing of Noah's Ark at Mount Ararat, which is only a few kilometres away from Armenia. In the foreground is a flying dove with an olive branch in its beak, symbolizing the end of the flood. The whole scene is again surrounded by an inscription in both English and Armenian.