FAQ - frequently asked questions related to investing in gold and other precious metals



Why invest in gold?

Because gold and precious metals can do something that ordinary money cannot:

  •         they are the world's accepted money.
  •         anonymity of ownership
  •         Historical value stability - it has served as a store of value for hundreds of years
  •         high growth potential in the future


How is investment gold purchased?

The easiest way is to register on the zlatodomu.cz website and then order the selected investment products. The entire order process is automated. After ordering, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Once your order is paid, we send you your carefully packaged, insured and discreetly marked shipment.

Are the prices on zlatodomu.cz final?

Yes, the prices quoted are final. Once the order is completed, the purchase price must be paid within 48 hours.

How do I choose a suitable investment product?

Investment Coins...

...are for investment purposes only, not for aesthetic value. They have a face value and thus a guarantee from the issuing state. If you buy well-known investment coins, you will have no problem selling them.

Investment bars...

...are also intended for investment and store very well. It is an investment in pure metal only, with no added artistic value.

Commemorative coin...

...are, like gold coins, a store of value and an investment opportunity for those who wish to preserve their wealth. They are also made of precious metals and are minted to commemorate various anniversaries, historical events, personalities, etc. They are primarily of artistic value.

Are there any fees associated with investing?

There are no fees payable by the buyer of investment gold or other investment metals on purchase or eventual resale.

Is there any risk associated with the investment?

If you own physical gold/silver, the only risk is theft. This risk can be avoided by, for example, storing it in a safe deposit box or bank vault.

Are my data and finances sufficiently secure?

The personal data of the client-investor is stored in accordance with the European Union regulation known as GDPR.

What do I need to start investing?

You can invest in physical gold and other metals immediately. Purchasing at www.zlatodomu.cz is possible without registration or phone. However, the easiest way is to register on zlatodomu.cz and then order your chosen investment products. The whole ordering process is automated. After ordering, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Once your order has been paid, we send you your carefully packaged, insured and discreetly labelled parcel.

Can I pick up my goods in person?

Yes, it is possible. We have , we have a delivery office in Prague. As standard, we deliver via Czech Post, Packeta and UPS.

Can you help me choose an investment product?

You can speak to a trained member of staff on the information line or via email to discuss your choice of specific products.


What about discretion?

We pack all shipments of ordered goods completely discreetly and without any advertising or identifying marks. In no case is it possible to identify from the packaging which shipment it is and what range of goods it contains.

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