Myths and Legends - King Arthur 2023 - 1 Oz - Silver Investment Coin


Myths and Legends - King Arthur 2023 - 1 Oz - Silver Investment Coin

Material: silver

Fineness: 999/1000

Weight: 31,1g (1 Oz)

Diameter: 38,61 mm

Mint: Royal Mint

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Denomination: 2 GBP

Supplied: in capsule in tubes of 25, masterbox of 500

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DPH - zdanění marže
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Myths and legends are based on stories from ancient times that have been passed down through storytelling and written tradition from generation to generation. They usually have a historical or geographical basis that often exaggerates the heroic deeds of their protagonists, who usually have mystical or superhuman qualities. Reinterpretations of these myths and legends over time have created an atmosphere of ambivalence that maintains their charm and appeal.

This fourth coin in the Myths and Legends series introduces the fourth coin in the series - "King Arthur" - after Robin Hood, Maid Marianne and Little Big John.

King Arthur (English King Arthur) is mythical British monarch who, according to medieval historians and chivalric novels led the defense Britain against Saxons at the end of 5. and early 6th century. The details of his life are mostly works of folk and literary creativity. He resided at Camelot Castle and the tales of him and the Knights of the Round Table have deservedly earned the status of legend in English literature.


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