Valcambi Combi Bar 100x1g - Investment silver bar


Valcambi Combi Bar 100x1g - Investment silver bar


Country of origin: Switzerland

Weight: 100g (100x1g)

999 Ag

Packaged in blister pack with certificate

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Silver CombiBar™

Valcambi has been releasing 100g silver investment bars in the form of the popular "chocolate" since October 2011.

This variant contains 100 detachable 1g bars. Valcambi silver CombiBar™ offers the option of breaking the bar into groups of 1g silver bars or into 100 individual 1g pieces. Each bar is certified by Valcambi and will be accepted anytime, anywhere for its silver value.
Each 100g Valcambi silver CombiBar™ is sealed in a PETG package that contains a serially numbered test certificate.


Valcambi is Switzerland's largest precious metals refiner and one of the largest in the world. The refinery is located in the south-east of Switzerland.
The founders of Valcambi were among a group of private Swiss investors who had been interested in the precious metals business for more than 50 years. Today Valcambi is wholly owned by Global Gold Refineries Ltd (GGR), a company based in Switzerland.

Throughout its 56-year history, Valcambi has focused exclusively on refining precious metals. The company's success and reputation is based on its philosophy of remaining loyal to its employees, clients and the industry it dominates.Valcambi also produces bullion for leading Swiss banks, including Credit Suisse.


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