Silver Collector Coin - 1/2 Oz


Silver Collector Coin - 1/2 Oz

Material: silver

Fineness: 925/1000

Weight: 15,55g (1/2 Oz)

Diameter: 32 mm

Mint: Münze Österreich

Country of origin: Austria

Denomination: 10 Euro

Supplied: in capsule with case and certificate

1,220.00 CZK
DPH - zdanění marže
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As its name suggests, forget-me-not means "forget-me-not" in the language of flowers. In addition to the other literal meanings of its common name, this fourth flower in the Language of Flowers series is also a symbol of deep love, remembrance, loyalty and permanence. In addition, forget-me-nots form a beautiful froth of intense blue flowers each spring and are especially welcome when few other flowers are in bloom.

As in many European languages - in France they say ne m'oubliez pas, in Spain no me olvides and in Italy non ti scordar di me - the name of the forget-me-not comes from folk tales, the most famous of which is the German legend of the knight who swam across a river to retrieve for his true love the blue flowers growing on the opposite bank. Before drowning, he swam with the flowers in his hand and threw them to his beloved with the cry "Vergissmeinnicht", which translates as "don't forget me".

Giving forget-me-nots at the beginning of an illicit affair can be a discreet way to express the need for trust and intimacy. Although passion and romantic love are important elements of their meaning, forget-me-nots can also signify deep friendship and familial love. In addition, forget-me-nots can be used to express that the bonds of true love transcend time and space and will exist despite physical separation and even death.


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