Heraeus 100g - Investment gold ingot


Heraeus 100g - Investment gold ingot

Weight: 100g

Material: AU 999.9/1000

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Country of origin: Germany/Switzerland

Weight: 100g

Refiner: Argor-Heraeus AG

The ingot is packaged in a plastic container the size of a bank card and cannot be removed from the container without breaking it. The corresponding serial number of the ingot is also indicated on the packaging. The other information on the packaging, which also serves as a certificate of authenticity, is the purity, grammage and manufacturer.

Ingots conform to the internationally recognised London Good Delivery Standard (LBMA) and are accepted in all countries and international markets.

Heraeus gold investment bullion is a sought after commodity by customers and is very popular among investors due to its attractive price. The general acceptance of gold investment bars is reflected in their immediate and seamless liquidity worldwide.

Ingots from 1g to 100g in weight are minted and are sealed in protective foil. Certification details are included. Ingots in the 1g - 20g range in particular are suitable as a gift for any occasion. The gold bars from 250g to 1000g are cast and come loose, the certificate comes with a paper one in A6 format.

The following information is stamped on the face of each bar: manufacturer's logo, country of origin, weight, purity, hallmark and serial number. The aforementioned data are also shown on a separate certificate, which is supplied by the refiner from a weight of 250g.


Heraeus, is a technology group based in Hanau, Germany, a sister company of the Swiss Argro-Heraeus SA.

It is a leading international family-owned company whose company roots go back to the family pharmacy founded in 1660.

Today, the Heraeus Group includes companies in the fields of precious metal processing, electronics, healthcare, industrial applications, etc. Customers benefit from innovative technologies and solutions based on extensive material knowledge and technological leadership.


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