Britannia - 1 Oz - Gold Bullion bar


Britannia - 1 Oz - Gold Bullion bar

Material: gold

Fineness: 999,9/1000

Weight: 31.1g (1 Oz)

Mint: Royal Mint

Country of Origin.

Supplied: in a blister pack, which also serves as a certificate

57,503.00 CZK
VAT 0% gold
Buy-back price 54,400,00 CZK
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This gold ingot contains 1 oz of 999.9 fine gold and is an unmistakable embodiment of British pride and courage.

Designed by renowned coin designer Jody Clark, the design represents what precious metals investors can benefit from by adding this ingot to their portfolio - strength and stability. This ingot comes in secure Britannia branded blister packaging for safe transport and storage.


Spot price 23.07.2024 04:03:04: Gold 2204,74 EUR/Oz; Silver 26,80 EUR/Oz; CZK/EUR 25.26