Britannia 1 oz (2024) KCIII.- Investment Gold Coin


Britannia 1 oz (2024) KCIII.- Investment Gold Coin. - Investment Gold Coin

Material: gold

Weight: 31,1 g

Fineness: 999.9/1000

Mint: Royal Mint

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Denomination: 100 GBP

Packaging: 1 each, tube 25 pcs, monsterbox 500 pcs

57,279.00 CZK
VAT 0% gold
Buy-back price 54,223,00 CZK
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One of the most famous coins from Great Britain is the Gold Britannia. It has been minted by the Royal British Mint since 1987. The Gold Britannia is thus one of the first European gold coins of modern times. The design remained unchanged between 1987 and 1996. The side of the motif depicts "Britannia" standing upright, wearing a helmet and flying a flag. She holds a long trident in her right hand, a small olive branch in the other, and is leaning on a circular shield with the Union Jack (officially the Union Flag) displayed across its surface. On the right is the weight '1 Ounce Fine Gold' and on the left 'Britannia' and the year of issue. A further decorative circle on the edge of the coin completes the inscription. The standing 'Britannia' design is the work of P. Nathan. The coins are stamped with his name in small letters. On the obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by David Maklouf, with the words 'Elisabeth II Dei Gratia Regina F D'. The words 'Dei Gratia Regina' mean 'Queen by the grace of God'. The letters "F D" stand for "fidei defensor", meaning "defender of the faith". The corresponding denomination is indicated below the picture. The inscription is flanked towards the edge of the coin by a decorative wreath with square prongs modified by Ian Rank-Broadley, slightly altering the portrait of the Queen to reflect her age and replacing the words 'Dei Gratia Regina' with the abbreviation 'D G Reg'. This first issue design remained unchanged for 10 years. To mark the coin's 10th anniversary, and probably for marketing reasons, the first gold Britannia with a different design appeared in 1997. This kicked off a development from 2001 that continued to show the familiar standing Britannia motif in even years, while the coin with the changing motifs in odd years Britannia Coin has had a fineness of 999.9 thousandths since 2013. Until 2012, the Britannia had a fineness of 916.66, equivalent to 22 carats. Until 1989, copper was used as an alloy with a proportion of one twelfth. Thereafter, silver and copper were used in equal proportions. This caused the colour of the coin to change from red to yellow. Also, the size of the coin is larger and flatter compared to the coins minted before 2012.

Spot price 23.07.2024 04:03:04: Gold 2204,74 EUR/Oz; Silver 26,80 EUR/Oz; CZK/EUR 25.26