100 Kronen Austria-Hungary (1915) - Investment Gold Coin


100 Kronen NP- Investment gold coin

Material: AU 999.9/1000

Weight:30.48 g

54,290.00 CZK
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Country of origin: Austria

Mint: Münze Österreich

TheMünze Österreich, or Austrian Mint, is one of the world's leading mints. It mints all of Austria's circulating coins and prestigious collector coins and medals

During the mint's existence, a multitude of minting methods were used. Until the 16th century, for example, the hammer was used for minting, followed by the roller, cradle and screw press. From 1830 to the present day, a ring press has been used for minting, which is currently capable of striking up to 750 coins per minute[1].

Over the years, several other mints have been established in Austria - for example in Graz, Krems, Salzburg and Innsbruck. In 1918, when the Austrian Republic began to take shape, the Vienna Mint became the main mint for Austria. And this status it still holds to this day.

Coins from this mint are sought after by investors and collectors around the world. One of the most internationally recognized coins from the Austrian Mint is the Maria Theresa Taler coin. It was created in 1780 when this empress died. It is now the most famous silver coin in the world and also the coin with the most pieces minted. Another famous coin is the gold investment coin called the Wiener Philharmoniker[2].

Among other things, Münze Österreich also supplies investment gold bars, which are produced for it by the Argor-Heraeus S.A. refinery, of which it also owns a quarter of the shares.


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