Valcambi 10g - Investment silver ingot


Valcambi 10g - Investment silver ingot

Weight: 10g

Material: 999/1000

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Packaging: in foil

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Country of origin: Switzerland

Refinery: Valcambi S.A.

Producer Valcambi is Switzerland's largest precious metals refinery and one of the largest in the world. The ingots conform to the internationally recognised London Good Delivery Standard (LBMA) and are accepted in all countries and international markets.

Valcambi's founders were among a group of private Swiss investors who were interested in the precious metals business more than 50 years ago. Today Valcambi is wholly owned by Global Gold Refineries Ltd (GGR), a company based in Switzerland.

Throughout its 56-year history, Valcambi has focused exclusively on refining precious metals. The company's success and reputation are based on its philosophy of remaining true to its employees, clients and the industry it dominates. Valcambi manufactures


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